AGSO – Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Stedelijk Onderwus Antwerpen

AGSO is the general service organizing the Community Education in the city of Antwerp. It consists of five big divisions. In total the AGSO has about 55,000 students and 6,545 teachers and other employees. For this project only secondary schools will participate, more specifically thos schools organizing education for newcomers, OKAN.

OGSA consists of five big divisions:

  • Primary Education, 72 schools
  • Secondary Education, 19 schools
  • Education for students with special needs, 13 schools
  • Education for adults, 2 centres
  • Art Schools, 8 academies

In this project the following schools will participate:

  • Stedelijk Lyceum Merksem, 66 students
  • Stedelijk Lyceum Lamorinière, 64 students
  • Stedelijk Lyceum Quellin + Offerande, 212 students

A total of 322 newcomers, ages 12-18.

OKAN schools organise intensive language courses Dutch for newcomers (NT2) on different levels, but within the cumpulsory education system. They also give intensive study guidance and follow-up coaching and support of former OKAN-students and teachers in regular schooling systems.