Kent County Council

As the strategic authority for Education in Kent, Kent County Council ha respnsibility for ensuring that there is an adequate provision of high quality education for the 240,000 school aged residents living in Kent. This is achieved by working with approximately 600 school (primary, secondary and special schools), ensuring that there are good quality leaders and teachers in all of the schools and ensuring that they are delivering an appropriate and stimulating  environment that not only meets the needs of its students but also meet the requirements of the National Curriculum set by the national Government.

Kent County Council has vast experience of not only providing support and challenge to the schools but also offering a a range of development opportunities such as participation in time limited pieces of work to trial and test new approiaches but by also offering a comprehensive programme of professional development opportunities.

An increasing number of unaccompanied asylum seeing children and young people is arriving through Dover and the Channel Tunnel at Folkestone. Kent, being the closest Englist county to Europe has seen a huge rise in the number of  such children  and young people needing the Kent County Councils support and services.