Methods of work

The steering group will take part in all project meetings and will also line out frames of the program for the international training events.

To the following transnational training event each partner will send two participants each. The transnational training event will consist of a mix of shadowing, discussions, filming of good practice, SWOT analysis, GLL reflection and report writing in the group. This report is brought back to the steering group to be used in the next project meeting and to be presented by oneof the group members.

The project meeting is conducted from an action theoretical perspective. Theoretical input by researchers, reports from the recent transnational training event of the project, input from the hosting partner on the current theme leads on to dialogue on what will be wise to start doing or keep on doing in the ongoing work.

The meeting will also do follow-ups on findings and reports from the four local learning/dissemination events, plan the next local learning/dissemination, plan the next transnational training event, select participants for next transnational training event and poduce evaluation sheets for it.

The local training and dissemination events will disseminate findings from the project meetin to a wider group of staff and stakeholders.

At the dissemination conferences in 2018 a wider circle of stakeholders are invited.