General Subject Information

Mapping and screening of young newcomers is part of the process from when a young newcomer arrives in Sweden and begins their education. The aim of mapping and screening is to support the school’s efforts to assess a newly arrived student’s knowledge, make it possible for the school to plan and adapt to the student’s abilities and needs. It is a pedagogic mapping that aims to give a picture of their background, experiences and prior knowledge. New legislation in 2016 insists that the mapping guidance is used nationwide. The mapping is based on the curriculum for the compulsory school (Lgr11).

How to create a successful reception

A presentation of Välkomsten in Helsingborg.

presentation-eu-nov-2016 (pdf)

You can also watch a short film about our work at Välkomsten in Helsingborg. Click on the picture below to start the film.

Final report

Here you can find the final report from this subproject 1 –  Mapping and screening:

An Analysis of the Mapping and Screening Process of Young Newcomers in the Swedish School System in Helsingborg. (pdf)