General Subject Information

How can we promote the wellbeing of the newcomer and help his/her/x educational pathway? In this third part of our project we had an overview of education i Flanders and their reception education. We visited both primary and secondary schools  and learned about how they have systematised their work on how to integrate young newcomers.

In the conclusion in the final report we summarized our impressions like this:

If schools would build bridges both internally (Reception class teacher vs. regular school teacher) and externally (between schools – even in different networks), teachers should become more competent and confident in teaching newcomers. The pedagogical services and academic research should facilitate building bridges.

We think CLIL in Brussels is a positive attribute as it enables the pupils with Dutch as a second language to reach their full potential in some subjects and further cognitive development. This practice should be spread and implemented in more schools. The mother tongue of some pupils is taken into consideration, which is positive, but we strongly believe that it should be open to more languages.

ICT is a vital resource in the learning of a second language, especially for newcomers. Therefore schools need to be equipped with up to date technology tools and use them effectively in the everyday practice and for different purposes (multimodal learning).

Final report

Final report Brussels – Method and Tools (.pdf)

Report bullits general focus (.pdf)

In her own words

Here is a short film where a student is talking about her experience of being a young newcomer.