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On this page we gather links to other sites where you can find information related to our project. Information to deepen or broadening our understanding of how to take care of our young newcomers.

Information from Migration Policy Institute on “Empowering Cities through Better Use of EU Instruments.

From the Network of Education Policy Centers, “SIRIUS Policy Brief. School Leaders – Advocates for Refugee and Migrant Students” by Lana Jurko

From OECD Thematic Policy Forum Series, “Strength through Diversity; the Integration of immigrants and refugees in school and training systems”.

Final report from Eurocities, “Cities Actions for the Education of Refugees and Asylum Seekers”

European Commission JCR Technical Report, “Educational outcomes and immigrant background” by Sara Flisi, Elena Claudia Meroni and Esperanza Vera-Toscano

From Migration Policy Group, “Back to School: Responding to the needs of newcomer refugee youth” by Thomas Huddleston and Alexander Wolffhardt