The Local School Authority of Helsingborg

The Local School Authority of Helsingborg has in total about 4000 employees. It offers preschool, primary school, lower and upper secondary school and free-time arrangements to about 20 000 children and students. The educational center is a supportive department of this Authority. The department's overall goal is to be an integrated an qualified support to head teachers, preschool managers and its staff in their mission to create inclusive learning environments and high effectiveness for children and youth from preschool through Upper Secondary.

The Department serves approximately 30 with various specialist competencies. The Department supports mainly municipal pre-, primary- och secondary schools, but also provides with support to independent schools with regard to mapping of newly arrived children and young people as organization of the mother tounge. 80 mother-tounge teachers in 40 different languagise ar responsible for multilingual education.

In 2014 the Department got a mission to develop the mapping of newly arrived children and young people’s previous school experiences. In 2015 has activites together with teachers in mother tounge implemented about 600 surveys. The result of the mapping helps the headmaster to find the best way to adapt child and youth school placements from previous school experiences. Mother tounge teachers also promote understanding between previous school context and the new when the students enters their new schools.